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Hi, I’m Tom.  I will be your guide for travel tasties”, sharing with you my recipe’s from afar!

It is my hope that “Travel Tasties” will be your recipe nirvana and inspire you to travel to foreign destinations to experience the food and culture for yourself.  Of course, I want to help you get there as your travel agent.  I can cook up the right vacation recipe for YOU!

Here’s how all of this started for me.  When I was in my teens and because of my love of eating, I began to explore different foods and how to prepare them, a survival tactic I might add!  TV dinners weren’t very appealing to me! 

After college, I traveled to Europe for the proverbial summer college vacation.  That trip turned into a four year sojourn across the world.  In other words, I traveled like the natives and ate my way across Europe, Balkan Peninsula, Greek Isles, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.  On my four year trip I not only drank in the sight and sounds of exotic places but the array of foods was a virtual overload for my taste buds. I loved every minute of it!

On our travel agency blog, I will be giving you “my take” on recipes from those areas where I have traveled.  (From time to time, we will post cooking videos on youtube. Please go there and subscribe.)  

Send me your recipes and tell me about your travel experiences. You can talk to me at 1-800-465-2126 or via e-mail , on twitter and youtube.

I loved traveling so much, I became a travel counselor and have been one for the past thirty four years. My wife and I have traveled extensively since my first big journey nearly forty years ago. Please visit our travel agencies website

This picture best demonstrates why I am the cook in our family. My wife, Harriot, can’t boil water without burning the pot!  Her talents are in other areas.  We are travel counselors together and own our own travel agency, Let’s Travel in Orlando and our website,

Please call us for your next vacation 1-800-465-2126.
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